How did the NBA get the ‘Transformers’ movie?

Now Playing: The NFL’s new rulebook for the game says you can’t wear headphones in games anymore article Now The NFL is considering a rule change to allow players to wear headphones while on the field.

The league wants players to have the same freedom as the rest of us when it comes to playing games.

That includes not wearing earbuds.

But when it came to watching the movie, it was not only the loudest of loud, but the loudst, and so the NFL is working on a new rule.

The new rule is a part of the league’s push to expand and diversify the entertainment options available to fans.

The new rule will make it possible for the league to bring in more premium content.

It will also allow the league and studios to make movies and television series that will appeal to fans of all ages.

The NFLPA is taking the new rule very seriously.

The union has sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, saying the NFL should consider adding a rule that lets fans play games with their headphones on.

The union also wants the league, in conjunction with the NBA, to consider letting fans wear headphones during games.

The letter says:The NBA is one of the world’s most respected sports leagues, and it is not only a global destination, but a source of international cultural and educational opportunities for its fans.

However, the NBA is also one of America’s most vocal critics of the way the NBA handles and promotes its own product.

In 2016, the league received a $5.5 million fine for using excessive force in the infamous incident in the playoffs between the Orlando Magic and the Washington Wizards.

The NBAPA, which represents fans in the league as well as players, is asking Goodell to allow fans to wear their headphones while playing games to help boost ratings.

It’s an important step in the right direction, the union said.

“This rule change would give fans the same flexibility and freedom as players and owners and it would help the league become a more global sports brand, which it is,” said AFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith.

“It would also ensure that our fans can enjoy the game in the comfort and safety of their homes.”

In other news:

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