I’m getting tired of the Trump presidency

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, many Americans were understandably upset about what they viewed as the lack of a clear national leader in the Oval Office.

The Trump presidency, however, has done nothing to quell these concerns.

For a large part, that’s because the new president has shown little interest in making the Oval Oasis a welcoming space for those who want to join the liberal movement.

While Trump has tried to make it seem as if he’s a beacon of hope for the new liberal movement, he’s actually shown little regard for the values of the progressive movement.

As president, he has shown a clear preference for big business over social justice.

And while the president has made several attempts to improve the state of the country, like repealing the Affordable Care Act and rolling back environmental protections, the only significant reforms he has proposed are to slash the Environmental Protection Agency and cut taxes on the wealthy.

Meanwhile, the President has been unable to pass a budget and he has been incapable of passing any major legislation, much less a sweeping social agenda.

And yet, there’s no sign that the president is going anywhere anytime soon.

For the most part, he and his party have done nothing but defend the status quo and keep working for more of the same.

The president and his GOP are the party of the wealthy, but the American public does not share that view.

And that’s why progressives are frustrated and dismayed that their movement has not been able to gain traction.

In fact, in a recent poll, only 27 percent of Americans believed that the Democratic Party is more interested in the welfare of the people than its own interests.

This is a stunning failure by the Democratic leadership to connect with the voters.

In a recent survey of the American People, 52 percent of respondents said that the Democrats have the most to lose if Trump wins the presidency, a figure that rises to 80 percent if he loses.

In other words, the Democrats are losing a war they have waged on the American people for more than a decade, but they are still unable to bring it home.

As progressives, we’ve been saying for years that we must build an electoral coalition of progressive voters to fight back against the Trump administration.

We’ve also been warning that the American establishment is determined to ensure that Trump will not be re-elected by keeping him in office and, more importantly, ensuring that the Republican Party does not gain power in the White House.

And so far, that has not happened.

This time, however , the Democrats seem to be heading in the opposite direction.

They are going to use the election to push for the biggest tax cuts of the next four years, even as they push to slash Medicaid funding and cut funding for many programs that are crucial to the American poor.

The Democrats have shown no concern for the plight of the poor, the sick, or the vulnerable.

As the New York Times reports, the Democratic budget cuts have been made to fund more cuts to Social Security, Medicaid, food stamps, and other programs that have helped millions of Americans.

But that’s not all.

Democrats are going further and further to cut the safety net and to make millions of American people dependent on the government.

The Democratic budget would increase the number of people living in poverty to 10 million, according to the New America Foundation.

They also want to reduce Social Security benefits to a level that’s $1,500 less than what it is today.

The New York Daily News reported that the Democrat budget would also increase the amount of money that people will be required to work to $1.2 trillion over the next decade.

The report notes that the plan would also make a $1 trillion tax cut for the top 1 percent of the population, and would increase taxes for the wealthiest Americans to as high as $2.6 trillion over a decade.

While Democrats have made it clear that they will push to cut social programs, they haven’t done much about what the American working class and the middle class really need.

There are some progressive voices in the party who are standing up for the working class, but even they recognize that there is no silver bullet to fighting back against a Trump presidency.

For instance, New York Senator Elizabeth Warren has called for a $15 minimum wage.

This has the support of tens of millions of workers who are not unionized, but Warren also recognizes that raising the minimum wage is not the answer to fixing America’s economic problems.

She has also called for expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit, which provides the majority of the benefits to the working poor.

Yet Warren is not interested in addressing these structural issues that are keeping millions of working people from reaching their full potential.

She is not willing to put in the effort to build a broad-based coalition of the working people to fight against the Republican agenda, and she is not going to work with the Democrats in any meaningful way to fight the Trump agenda.

So what can progressives do to fight for their own interests?

In the wake of the election, progressives have been making a concerted effort

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