When ‘GTA 5’ is on its last legs, Ubisoft wants to bring back GTA 5: ‘This is not a death sentence’

By John S. MillerDecember 16, 2016 11:08AM”GTA Online” is still on the shelf, but that doesn’t mean the last chapter of the Grand Theft Auto franchise is coming to an end.

That is, if the game is still being developed, and if “GTA 4” and “Gta Online” can be resurrected as part of a new series.

The question is: Is “GOTY Online” worth the effort?

For the past six months, the most recent “GTM” game that came out was “Gravity Rush.”

The two games are connected, in that the former was a spin-off of “GTE,” while the latter was a continuation of the “GTS” franchise.

The latter game was released in December 2014.

As the year wore on, gamers clamored for more “GTR” games, and the latest “GTT” game, “GtG,” debuted this past month.

“GtR” was a huge hit for Ubisoft, and “GT6” — a reboot of “GT5” — was announced as the next installment in the “GT” series.

But “GGT” was met with mixed reviews.

Many fans found it too difficult to complete, while others saw it as a waste of time.

“We were surprised at how negative it was,” said Eric Lander, chief executive of Ubisoft Montreal.

“It wasn’t a bad game, but it was just not the game that we wanted to be doing with GTA Online.

We’ve done the whole GTA Online experience, and we wanted it to be different.”

That new experience will begin in September, and is set in the near future after the game’s story has been completed.

“GTOnline” will feature “a new world and a new set of characters,” according to a release.

“Players will have access to all the vehicles and weapons from GTA Online,” it continues.

“They’ll be able to customize their cars, and drive around in new ways.

The story will be told through the lens of new characters, and new characters will have their own unique stories to tell.”

There will be no story content, only missions.

That will open up a new dimension of gameplay for “GTG,” which was previously limited to just driving around in a variety of vehicles.

“The new mission system, as well as a new way to get vehicles, will give players an even greater variety of gameplay options than in previous GTA Online adventures,” Ubisoft said.

“These missions will give you a taste of GTA Online for the first time, and allow you to discover the secrets of the GTA Universe and play with other players in an entirely new way.”

While “GTF” was “the best-selling game in history” when it came out, it was not a hit with gamers.

In its first month, “GT3” generated more than $1 billion in sales.

“When we look at our future, we see a lot of games that will be built on the back of a proven franchise,” Lander said.

That’s why the team behind “GTL” and its next installment are hoping to continue the franchise.

“As gamers continue to be inspired by the ‘GTT’ experience, we will continue to make GTA Online the best and most accessible experience for fans of the franchise,” Ubisoft Montreal said.

“With the addition of ‘GTE’ and ‘GTG’ to our platform, we believe this franchise can continue to grow and evolve for many years to come.”

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