Zombijana is a Graveyard Queen

Zombijana Bones was born as Andrijana Vesovic on December 31st 1991 in Podgorica and from the very beginning she was kicking some ass. Despite other artists, she wasn’t born artist. During her whole elementary school, she wanted to become a journalist, and thanks to that unfulfilled wish she is now good at creative writing. Even though she wanted to become a journalist, she kept developing her creative side through drawing, jewelry and figurines making, and was a complete weirdo, but still kicking ass.
When she got accepted in middle school ‘Vaso Aligrudic’ in Podgorica ( specialized in maintaining computers, both hardware and software ), her interest in digital art grew. That is where she mastered her skills for the whole Adobe Suite, Corel and similar creative softwares which later on helped her express herself in many creative ways. Also, she has won the award at the school competition considering creative software skills. Obviously, she was still a weirdo, but kicking ass as well.
At that point of her life, she realized that art was something she was meant to do. Following, she spent a year at the art school “Art center” in order to specialize her drawing technique starting from the basics. ( Started from the bottom, now we’re here).
So one day, she was sitting by the sea side, looking at the most incredible sunset and thinking ‘DAYUM, I need a diploma!’. That is what made her pass the entrance exam for the university Mediteran in Podgorica, with a major in visual arts, and what kept her going. Due to her talent, hard work and dedication, she graduated with a degree just below 10. Kicking ass.
At the senior year (2012), she decides to create something to allure the public attention and the project Zombijana draws twitter began. Having finished the project (two seasons) which lasted for two years, she has gathered a significant number of fans, 60.000 people, to be exact, and that’s only on Facebook. In addition, she had 14 exhibitions in Serbia and the neighbor countries and created over 600 illustrations.
In august 2014. she has started the project Crtkamo (Doodling), an online drawing club, which gathers creative people from various countries to have a good time and draw one of the weekly assignments.
Being a witty designer, it was impossible for her to stop there. Therefore, in association with Marko Marjanovic (the script) and Nikola Silic (the voices and animation) she brought to life an animated show called Sledece stajaliste (Next stop). The main characters Bosko and Dobrila fall in love at the first sight, but the real drama begins when their parents find out. Something like a modern Serbian Romeo and Juliet.
January 2015. was special because she took over the internet with a new project Pauk Dusan (Spider Dusan), together with his wife Ljubinka. Pauk Dusan, besides being a cool pet is a lazy comic considering drawing, made entirely by Zombijana.
She is drawing every day, even if not posting on social media.
Year 2016 was special because she had one exibition, wn ‘best Instagram profile’ award from local magazine, worked in esports agency.
When it comes to 2017, Zombijana started her YouTube channel and couple of projects which will see the light of the day in 2018.
For now, Andrijana is enjoying listening to emo/hardcore music, good movies, books and comics, but also planing her next move so she could rule the world, since she is evil and kicking ass. Even though she’s a hard worker, she still manages to have a rich social life. Her plan for the future is to be happy.
Professional history | Portfolio
Zombijana Draws Twitter 2013:
19. 06. 2013 UK Parobrod, Beograd
21. 06. 2013 Galerija Istorijskog arhiva, Zrenjanin
24. 06. 2013 Dom Omladine, Pančevo
26. 06. 2013 bar ‘Kažte’, Novi Sad
29. 06. 2013 Urban Fest, Inđija
Zombijana Draws Twitter 2014:
23. 05. 2014 3.0 POINT, Kriterion, Sarajevo
28. 06. 2014 Bar ‘Kažte’, Novi Sad
03. 07. 2014 UK Parobrod, Beograd
05. 07. 2014 Galerija Vladimira Horvata, Zagreb
12. 07. 2014 Kuća Dokolice, Niš
26. 07. 2014, Klub ‘Zamajac’, Kruševac
16. 08. 2014, Zeleno Zvono, Zrenjanin
27. 09. 2014, KC Evergreen, Kraljevo
Naćeraj me 2015:
16. 09. 2015, Knjižara Matice Srpske, Podgorica
Forever Halloween 2016:
29.10.2016 Crna Ovca, Novi Sad